How to Paint Your Home for a Quick Sale?

Friday Jun 22nd, 2018



Selling your home? If so, never underestimate the value of curb appeal. Buyers will often pay a premium for the prettiest house on the block, and paint colour plays a huge role in that determination. Check out these top paint colours that increase the value of your home, and consider giving your exterior a colourful facelift before putting out the “For Sale” sign.


Exterior Paint: When choosing an exterior paint colour, you can’t go wrong with warm-toned neutrals. They’re universally well received, and they contrast nicely with white or black accents.


Light Gray: A classic exterior colour, light gray can make a home look both contemporary and classic.


White: The crisp and clean appearance of a white home signals a welcoming fresh start for potential home buyers.

Yellow: A muted buttery yellow facade gives a home a warm and cheerful appearance.
Slate Blue: A mid-toned gray will draw attention to your home’s exterior without making it an overwhelming presence on the block. The slate colour pairs well with neutrals like black and white, although homeowners can also add pops of red for a bold contrast.
Green: Do you want your home to look natural and earthy? Then consider painting the exterior a sage green colour, Sage green brings a soothing atmosphere to your property, and it's available in a wide range of shades.

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