Tips to make your home and yard safer for dogs and small children

Friday Sep 13th, 2019


Children and animals have a habit of getting themselves into dangerous situations. Find tips to make your home and yard safer for dogs and small children below. I’ve also added some information on the hidden costs of homeownership in case you know anyone who is thinking about buying a home. If you or someone you know is thinking about buying or selling a home, let me know. I’ll be glad to... [read more]


Tuesday Jun 18th, 2019


  The tighter, but more stable conditions developed by balanced inventory and driven by increase of employment rates sets us up for a predictably even summer market. We are still seeing strong improvement from the slower first quarter, but we don’t expect a spike of growth reflective if this trajectory.         Again, we see there’s considerably disparity between the 905 and 416 regions regarding pricing averages. Semi-detached... [read more]

How to create an Urban Garden

Tuesday Apr 03rd, 2018


Having plants in your home not only brings life to a room but they also have incredible health benefits. They can make you feel less tired, decrease your chances of catching a cold and purify the air. It is recommended to have one potted plant per 100 square feet to feel the benefits. Whether you live in the country with acres of land or in a condo downtown Toronto, you can enjoy the pure and simple joy of gardening. Here’s how to create a... [read more]

5 Steps for a New Years Home Makeover

Monday Jan 08th, 2018


The new year is the best time to give your home a makeover. In keeping with your New Year’s resolution to “finally save money this year” follow this list for 5 inexpensive and easy ways to give life to your house this year!   1. Remove bathtub rings... [read more]

How to Protect your Carpets this Winter?

Thursday Nov 30th, 2017


Taking care of your floors all year round is key for keeping your home healthy and protected from germs. The top priority to keeping your home well groomed is well maintained carpets. Although most carpets have a long shelf life maintenance can be difficult especially during rain and snow. However if you plan in advance for the changing seasons you can enhance the self of your carpets by twice. Developing a Winter Carpet Care Plan: It's difficult to prevent all the mess... [read more]